SAH? WFH? HBL? CB? CCB? You must be familiar with all these acronym during this period in time. Due to COVID-19, we are forced to stay at home during this circuit-breaker period.  Many of you ma not be able to get delivery slots from Fairprice or Redmart. Here’s a list of online grocery stores in Singapore, where you may have a chance to get delivery slots for some essential items.

Online Grocery Stores in Singapore

Fairprice Online
With FairPrice Online, you can shop for a wide range of your household needs – from fresh produce to quality wines, and home care essentials to baby products. They’ve got a section just for fresh food, including meat, marine fare, fruits, and vegetables. Free delivery for orders above $59.

Cold Storage Online

Cold Storage is a pioneer in bringing quality and exclusive products from around the world to the well-travelled and the residents of Singapore. They also have fresh produce and wide range of wines. Free delivery for orders above $59.

Sheng Siong Online

Sheng Siong is primarily located in the heartlands of Singapore, and are designed to provide our customers with both “wet and dry” shopping options. Their online grocery store include a wide assortment of live, fresh and chilled produce, such as seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, in addition to processed, packaged and/or preserved food products as well as general merchandise such as toiletries and essential household products. Free delivery for orders of $100 and above.

Giant Online Groceries
Giant is Singapore’s top mass market retailer of everyday items, with over 50 stores located across the island. A leader in the retail industry, Giant has grown to become one of the country’s most beloved brands. We can always rely on Giant for our every need when it comes to daily necessities like fresh fruits, eggs, instant snacks, as well as toiletries. Prices are always kept wallet-friendly with multiple outlets in almost every neighbourhood in Singapore. Free delivery for orders above $59.

Amazon Singapore

Amazon Singapore was launched in 2019, offering an expanded online grocery shopping selection with free next-day delivery in Singapore and a huge range of products available for free delivery from the U.S (including brands that are not available in Singapore). Standard delivery is free for orders above $40. One day delivery is Free for Prime member and $2.99 for non-Prime members.

Redmart Lazada

RedMart was one of Singapore’s biggest online grocery store which has merged with online shopping giant Lazada. RedMart makes it easy to order fresh produce and meat, a supply of laundry detergent, rice, cooking oil, toilet paper, a case of beer… and have it all delivered straight to your door. They have this feature where you can add items to your order even after it’s been placed just in case you forgot something, which is very useful. Delivery is free for orders above $60 for Non-LiveUp members. For LiveUp members, delivery is free for orders above $40.


EAMart gives you good reason to hop onto the online grocery bandwagon especially during current circuit-breaker period. They have multiple categories of items not limited to just groceries. During circuit-breaker period, they offer free delivery for minimum order of $40.

Alternative Online Grocery Stores In Singapore

Ryan's Grocery

Ryan’s Grocery is a boutique Grocer and Butcher that caters to the discerning foodie with exquisite tastes or special dietary requirements. They started because the owner’s son Ryan is intolerant to dairy products, gluten, nuts, soy, egg and yeast,  and so they went around searching for suitable quality food for him. They realised that they are many others who are on paleo diet, raw diet, low sugar diet, gluten-free diet and many others with no diet, who simply want good quality natural food. Their store is tucked away in Binjai Park, Bukit Timah area, off Dunearn Road. Free delivery for orders $150 and above. Below $100: self collection only.

The farmer's market

Farmer’s Market was established in Hong Kong in 2016 and opened in Singapore in 2019 with the aim to bring restaurant quality products to the retail market at an affordable price. Their online grocery store offers a wide range of high quality, sustainably sourced, hormone and antibiotic-free meat and seafood at a reasonable price. Free delivery for orders above $150.

Sasha's Fine Food Online Grocery

Sasha’s Fine Foods offers hormone-free, sustainable produce. Started by an expat from London, this online grocery store supports small farms – both local, as well as from abroad – with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness. Free delivery for orders $100 and above.

Best Organic Food Online

One of Singapore’s leading growers and distributors of organically grown produce, they have many different varieties of organic fruits and vegetables to choose from. This is a family-run business. You can also pick and choose which produce you’d like so you don’t end up with any random disliked vegetable in your order. Best Orgainc Food offers free delivery for order above $50.

Sg Deli & Grocer

Singapore Deli & Grocer is a classic example of how a vision and perseverance of a small team of individuals can impact lives of thousands. We are extraordinarily simple people with one elementary goal; deliver garden-fresh fruits and veggies to every household in Singapore. They are one of the premier Fruit and Vegetable Home delivery services in Singapore with more than 35 years experience. Delivery is free for orders above $60.

The Fish Wives

Founder Rebecca Forwood bring the Fishwives to Singapore in 2000 after taking over the family business in 1998. They offer good quality fresh fish or meat from Australia or New Zealand. The Fishwives has grown from a small business operated from home to a successful online and shop front food emporium complete with its very own cool truck delivering 6 days a week island wide. Delivery is free for orders above $250 during circuit breaker period.

Yaya Papaya Fruits Online

Yaya Papaya aims to bring Singapore the most exciting and exquisite fruits products from all around the World. They are a wholesaler based in Pasir Panjang Wholesale Center. Their online grocery store has a wide range of fruits. Minimum order is $20 for with $6 delivery fee. Free delivery for orders above $35.

Huber's Butcher

Huber’s Butchery is a  family business run by Swiss butcher Ernst Huber and his two sons. Huber is a one-stop shop for premium meats and gourmet groceries located at Demspey, they import the high quality meats from around the world. It’s also has a largest cheese selection, with over 100 varieties from Switzerland, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Australia. Delivery is free for orders above $100.

Green Circle Eco Farm

This is Singapore’s very own organic farm makes it feel like you’re ordering from your own local farmer! Growing mostly Asian greens, fruits and herbs, they also offer condiments and imported spreads and grains, all really inexpensive and a convenient way to get wholesome, organic food into the family diet. Green Circle Eco Farm offer free delivery for orders above $30.

Nature Glory

Nature’s Glory offers a range of products that are truly unique and distinguished. Its organic and macrobiotic foods, health supplements, ionic water systems, beauty and car health products are among the very best in the world, brought about by painstaking research, and with regional and international representations. Prices are very moderate as part of its health mission. Free delivery for orders above $100.

PH deli online

PH Deli is a delicatessen by Phoon Huat, which aims to bring the most exquisite quality food for the enjoyment to all. They have an assortment of high-quality meats, seafood, and other fine gourmet products. Delivery is free for orders above $88.

SG Organic

SG Organic is an online organic food and beverage store, delivering fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, milk, groceries to you. At SG Organic we are passionate about delivering fresh organic produce. All our organic fruit and vegetables are air flown from Australia and reach the packing warehouse within 2-3 days of being picked off the tree or pulled from the ground. Once in our warehouse we package and clean up the goods to be delivered to you that day or the next. Delivery fee is $10 with no minimum order required.

Little Farms Online

Little Farms is Singapore’s friendly neighbourhood market, specializing in the highest quality and freshest all natural produce, meats, seafood, dairy and grocery.  Our in-store kitchens craft healthy and delicious meals and beverages, while our baristas serve up some of the best coffee and tea in Singapore. They have 4 retail outlets in Singapore. For online orders, delivery is free for orders above $100.

Open Taste

Specialising in bulk fresh foods(that’s where you’ll get the healthiest savings), Open Taste has lovely fruits, veggies, yogurts, nuts, wines and much more (including meat, fish and poultry) for online grocery delivery. If you are ordering without bulk items, delivery is free for order above $49. With bulk items, for premium members, delivery is free for orders above $49 and for non premium members, delivery is free for orders above $150.

Tangy Tangerine

Tangy Tangerine is a online grocery that specialises infresh, in-season and handpicked fruits and vegetables. Besides fruits and vegatables, they have other products like dried food products, fish, plant-based meat, wines and many more. Delivery is free for orders above $100.


Zairyo is a Japanese gourmet grocer based online that offers a selection of freshly-imported food products such as seafood, seasonal vegetables and fruits, premium meats, sauces, condiments and snacks that will equip all foodies with the best material and canvas to create their very own culinary escapades at home. They even have halal Japanese ingredients. Delivery is free for orders above $100.

Song Fish

Song Fish Dealer Pte Ltd was established in 1975. They build their reputation based on exceptional quality, they expanded their business to become a leading supplier of frozen seafood and poultry. Their online grocery store offers a wide variety of high quality fish, seafood, meat and many other products.

Tankfully Fresh

TankFully Fresh is an online seafood supply retailer kick-started by Sin Chwee Mini Mart. They have a wide assortment for fresh and frozen seafood. Delivery is free for orders above $60.

Quan Fa

At Quan Fa Organic Farm, they use ecological agrarian methods of farming, abstaining from the use of pesticides and harmful fertilizers, to produce only the freshest food crop that is both nutritious and healthy. To ensure the freshness of our produce, they ensure that all harvesting and packaging is done in the morning. They offer a wide variety of organic vegetables and fruits. Free delivery for orders above $60.

Zenxin Organic Delivery

Organic Delivery is a delivery service offered by Zenxin Organic Foods since 2014, carrying our own Zenxin‘s fresh produce and in-house Simply Natural organic wholesome food brand. Our products are from domestic and international certified suppliers, with over 95% of our 350+ products being certified organic by NASAA or USDA.

The Alaskan Guys

The Alaska Guys are dedicated in providing and delivering to you 100% Alaskan Seafood. They have the widest range of Alaskan fish in Singapore – over 40 items.

Halal Online Grocery Stores

7 Mall Pte Ltd started in 2017, as a wholesale retail outlet of Halal products, they went on to form to create value for the elderly generations in Singapore. They offer a large variety of halal products like meat, fruits, vegetables, herbs and many more. Besides that, they also have household products.

Adam Halal

Adam Halal is a 100% Muslim-owned company and its establishment in the provision and distribution of Halal meat in Singapore started in 1986. Most of their meat comes from major meat exporting countries such as the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. They have wide selections of fresh premium grade chicken, beef and mutton. Delivery is free for orders above $100.

CS Food Halal

CS Foods online store is a leading halal-certified chilled, frozen and ready food provider in Singapore that was established in 1988. They are a Chilled & Frozen Food Wholesaler with a wide selection of halal products. They also produce ready-to-eat meals that are specially prepared by our own chefs with a taste of authentic local flavour. Delivery is free for orders above $60.

Halal Mart SG

Halal Mart SG is a Muslim owned online grocery store that aims to maintain the highest standards in preparing and delivering quality meat and groceries. They have been in this Halal products trade for more than 10 years, with Halal groceries, poultry and butchery experience. Their meat supplies are from Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. Free Delivery is available for orders above $80.


Nikmart is Singapore’s leading halal online grocery store where both business owners and direct consumer can buy various halal frozen food related products and also groceries items with just a single click. They sell halal grocery, halal meat and household products. Delivery is free for orders above $50.

SBY meat

Established since 1947, SBY Frozen Food Supply Pte Ltd, has been supplying meat products to the various food establishment, hotels, and caterers in Singapore.  They have been supplying halal meat such as chicken, beef, lamb or mutton, slicing, cubing or mincing to consumer since 1947.

Suzy Ameer Online

Suzy Ameer Online started in 2011, selling a variety of quality products at low price which not only include frozen food but also daily needs. They have more than 3000 products in stocks. Their products are 100% Halal that will make no doubts to our Muslim customers. Delivery is free for orders above $150.

Halal Meat Specialist

The Halal Meat Specialist was established by Lim Traders Pte Ltd to continue our tradition of serving quality halal food and personable service to consumers. Lim Traders started off as a small little wet market stall in Geylang Serai. Their online store offer fresh and good quality meat and seafood. Minimum order for delivery is $50. Free delivery for orders above $100.

The Meat Up

The Meat Up Premium Meat Butchery is a full-service, halal butchery in the heartland of Tampines New Town. The butchery was founded by Mr Cantarella Cesare, a veteran Italian chef with more than 20 years of experience in the Singapore F&B industry. Apart from fresh meat, they also offer a selection of roasts, all lovingly prepared beforehand and ready for your oven. They also have imported dry food & italian condiments from Italy and Europe, as well as olive oil and cheese.

The Meatery

The Meatery is a Muslim-owned gourmet butchery with a focus on curating a wide variety of halal-certified prime cuts from various sources including Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. They bring in meats that are not genetically modified and are free of antibiotic, chemical residues and growth hormones. Their meats are always chilled, never frozen to ensure the best in quality.

Due to COVID-19, many of these online grocery stores may have a surge in orders. Please check with them for delivery slots. They may also face a shortage in stock for certain items during the circuit breaker period.

We have curated the Ultimate Survival Guide for Circuit Breaker. You can download it from here.

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