Landed Property Price Trend From 1994 to 2020

Landed property is one of the most sought-after types of real estate property in Singapore. With less than 70,000 units available in Singapore, many Singaporean are inspired to own a piece of this coveted type of property.

Based on data released by URA on 2 Jan 2020, it show that the private property has increase 0.3% in Q4 in 2019 and the increase was driven largely by landed property prices, which has increased 4 per cent quarter on quarter, after increasing 1 per cent in the previous quarter.

Landed Property Price Increased


With the ever-increasing in prices for landed property, it is interesting to have a look at how much the prices of landed property has increased over the years.

Average Price Of Landed Property in Singapore From 1994 to 2019

Data Source: URA, Soreal, SRX

Landed properties are expensive but not unattainable. For many Singaporeans, buying a landed property seems like a dream, but with some luck or careful and long-term planning, it may be still be achievable.

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