Types Of Landed Properties In Singapore

landed property singapore

Landed properties are usually referred to residential properties whereby the owner has the title of the land. In Singapore, landed property is the cream of the crop as they make up of only 5% of the total number of residential properties, which is approximately less than 70,000 based on 2018 statistic.

Types Of Landed Property

Landed properties in Singapore are classified into a few different catergories. They are largely caterogised into Good Class Bungalow (GCB), Detached, Semi-Detached And Terraces (which comprise of Corner And Intermediate Terraces).

Good Class Bungalow (GCB)

Good Class Bungalow is probably the most pretiguous type of property you can own in Singapore. There are only about 2700 GCBs in Singapore located in 39 gazetted GCB areas. Good Class Bungalow has to be of a minimum land size of 1400 square metres with a frontage width of minimum 18.5 metres.

These are the 39 gazetted GCB areas in Singapore. They are mostly located in District 9, 10, 11 in Singapore, such of these locations includes Eng Neo Avenue, Binjal Park and Holland Park.

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Detached House

Detached houses are commonly known as Bungalow. They are standalone landed dwelling which does not share a common wall with another property, with a minimum land size for a detached is 400 square metres with a minimum frontage width of 10 metres.


Semi-Detached houses are landed properties that are built in a pair, with the two houses sharing one common wall in between them. The minimum plot size for a semi-detached is 200 square metres and a frontage width of 8 metres.


There are two types of terraces, namely Corner Terrace and Intermediate Terrace.

Corner terrace is the last unit at the end of a row of houses. Corner terrace is somewhat similar to a semi-detached with one common sharing wall with the neighbour. The minimum plot size for corner terrace is 200 square metres and a frontage of minimum 8 metres. On the other hand, intermediate terrace is shared both sides of the common walls with both sides of the neighbours. The minimum land size for intermediate terrace is 150 square metres and a minimun frontage width of 6 metres.

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In Singapore, only Singapore citizens are eligible to purchase landed property. Foreigners and Singapore PR are not allowed to buy landed properties in Singapore unless approval has been granted by the Land Dealings Approval Unit (LDAU). GCBs can be sold to Singapore Citizens only.

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