6 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Lizards In Your House

Other than cockroaches, house lizards are common sights in Singapore homes. Unlike cockroaches, which most of the time, we may still be able to catch them or smash them with a broom, lizards are incredibly fast and the thought of them dropping their tails really scare most people out. Worse still, their germ-laden droppings are everywhere in the house.

However, fret not, here are 6 effective ways on how to get rid of the lizards in your house.

1. Coffee and Tobacco Powder

Mix coffee powder and tobacco powder and make small ball with the mixture. Lizards dislike the strong smell of coffee powder. The mixture is poisonous to the lizard and they will die on eating it.

2. Naphthalene balls

How to get rid of lizard

Naphthalene balls are good pest controller, they drive most bugs and pests away, besides lizards, so it is better to put it in your wardrobe, kitchen sink and under the stove. But be careful when using them if you have young children. You do not want them to play with them or worse, eat them.

3. Peacock Feathers

how to get rid of lizards

Lizards are scared of peacock feathers. You can place the peacock feathers on the wall, where lizards live or put them in the flower vase.

4. Pepper

how to get rid of lizards

Lizards hate the spicy smell from pepper. Simply put some pepper into porous bags and place them at locations in the house that lizards like to appear.

5. Ice Cold Water

how to get rid of lizards

If you do not want to use chemical in the house, you can choose ice cold water as a solution for getting rid of lizards. By spraying ice cold water on lizard, it will reduce its body temperature and it will be shocked by the cold water. It will not be able to move immediately and so you can trap it easier and throw it away.

6. Egg Shells

how to get rid of lizard

Lizards dislike the smell that come from eggs. They’ll keep clear from the egg shells. Keep some eggs shells, do not wash them, just wipe them dry to keep the egg aroma. Leave them at the spaces where the lizards appear.

These simple methods can help to keep the lizards away. You do not need to engage a pest terminator for this. But, most importantly, always keep the house clean. Check the cabinets under sinks regularly, and try to keep them dry. Do not leave leftover food lying around and empty the trash.

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