SAH? WFH? HBL? CB? CCB? You must be familiar with all these acronym during this period in time. Due to COVID-19, we are forced to stay at home during this circuit-breaker period.  Many of you ma not be able to get delivery slots from Fairprice or Redmart. Here’s a list of online grocery stores in Singapore, where you may have a chance to get delivery slots for some essential items.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, many people are forced to work or study from home, and it is getting, more and more common to have meals delivered to the doorstep. Besides popular delivery services, for instance, Grab, Food Panda, Deliveroo, you may consider healthier meal options like tingkat food.

Tingkat delivery brings balanced, home-cooked meals to your doorstep with menus that change every day.

In times of coronavirus cases increasing every day, we all try to find ways to be prevent ourselves from infected by the virus. There are lots of rumors as to what actually works and not. Wearing surgical masks, frequent washing of hands, using hand sanitizers are some of the preventive measures that we are all known to take.

Other than cockroaches, house lizards are common sights in Singapore homes. Unlike cockroaches, which most of the time, we may still be able to catch them or smash them with a broom, lizards are incredibly fast and the thought of them dropping their tails really scare most people out. Worse still, their germ-laden droppings are everywhere in the house.

Primary school years are important phase of a child’s education. Primary school education gives the child a strong foundation and also develop him to his fullest potential. Therefore every parent would want their child to be enrolled into a good primary school. Here’s the list of top primary schools based on their popularity, none of these schools are being ranked, this list is based on the fact that these schools had balloting for Phase 2B in 2019.